Bridgend Parking Lot

Bridgend, UK

Project Summary:

The covered car park and its access ramps required a constant lighting solution combining both energy-saving benefits and high efficiency performance.


202 Cree Edge Park luminaires with 40 LEDs each (2 LED light bars) were installed inside the parking garage and on the access ramps at 2.2m height and at interdistance of 7/9 metres. All these devices are equipped with QV symmetric optic system. They also feature the G Multi-level option to regulate power.

27 Ledway Road luminaires with 120 LEDs each (6 LED modules) were installed in the outdoor parking lot at a 6m height and at interdistance of 25 metres.

The initial plan called for 221 – 2x55W CFL devices, 15- 400W HPS devices, and 8 – 2x400W HPS devices.

Energy Savings:

The use of Cree Edge Park luminaires, most of which featuring option for luminous flux regulation, resulted in an overall 58% energy saving.

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