Abbeyleix and Durrow

Abbeyleix and Durrow, Ireland

Project Summary:

Abbeyleix and Durrow are two neighboring small towns in County Laois, located in the midlands of Ireland. The region is rich with historical structures still standing in and around the small heritage towns – ancient ring forts, burial grounds, churches and beautiful estate houses. Updating the illumination in an area full of historical importance, lighting planners had to take into careful consideration various aspects.

At night, LED lighting from Cree can make a great difference in creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere that enhances spaces and architecture, creating an inviting ambience for citizens and visitors. With this in mind, the lighting designers from Profile Lighting & Power chose both the Cree® RKT Series and the Cree® XSP Series luminaires to enhance each space according to their requirements.

On the main street that leads through Abbeyleix alongside historical buildings like Abbeyleix Market House or Preston House, beautiful heritage lanterns have been updated with Cree® RKT Series fixtures, preserving the lanterns and their aesthetic look, all while creating inviting light and excellent visibility.

Through the rest of the lighting project, streets and roadways are illuminated by Cree® XSP Series luminaires, with the specific model chosen based on the lighting needs of each section.
Cree® XSP Series street lights provide exceptional color rendering and crisp white light with superior color accuracy and consistency, while the patented NanoOptic® Technology delivers uniform targeted illumination, eliminating dark spots between fixtures, making people and objects visible at night – helping to create a safer environment for all.

The complete lighting project replaced more than 100 outdated street lights with Cree® LED luminaires, anticipating a reduction in annual energy usage of 50%, and will save the municipality service team up to 10 years of maintenance, all while transforming the neighborhoods with uniform white light.

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