Cree has invested significant resources in developing new technologies to lead the LED lighting revolution.


The code of ethics defines a set of principles of conduct that reflects specific criteria of adequacy and opportunity, in a particular cultural, social or professional environment.

All of us at Cree – who work with us or for us – we share a common code of conduct that governs the rights, responsibilities and opportunities for everyone. Managers, employees and Cree collaborators make part of an organized entity founded on ethical principles and values and rules of behavior considered essential, which should inspire the choices and actions of all those who act on behalf and in the interest of the company.

  • 1,298 issued U.S. patents
  • 2,270 issued foreign patents
  • 1,056 pending U.S. applications
  • 2,373 pending foreign applications

Cree may choose to partner with other parties and promote the use of its proprietary technology through intellectual property licensing. A license to Cree’s patents can enable other companies to improve existing products, enter new markets or speed time-to-market of new products.